Metzeral to Kruth or crossing La Grande Crête

self-portrait Vosges hikingA few weekends ago I took a solo hike across the Grande Crête des Vosges (crête is the French word for mountain ridge). What a glorious day it was! It was an easy 25 or so kilometers from start to finish with around 900 m of elevation gain (that kicked my butt).

The southern section of the Vosges really holds my hiking heart. The Munster, Thur and Fecht valleys are three gems that I feel I’ve only begun to discover. This hike allowed me to become more familiar with the Munster and Thur valleys by climbing up to Lauchenkopf (1312 m) and back down. I was blessed with amazing weather and a chance meetings with two kind fellow hikers who shared their unique stories and encouraged me to keep walking and exploring. Done.

Enjoy a few of my favorite photos from the hike below.

gare de Metzeral


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  1. Hi Melissa, You might remember I got in touch earlier in 2015 but did not follow up to go walking. Well it’s been a strange and busy year that has been difficult to get into a rhythm, so any plans for walking have not really happened. At the moment I am based in Le Mille Etangs (LME) and go back up to Le Valtin in February only to return to LME some time in the late spring/early summer.
    Is there a chance we could meet up to do some walking?
    Regards, Steve

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