Barr to Mont Ste.-Odile – les Vosges

I made sure the Easter bunny had left a trail of sweets before sneaking out to catch the early train to Barr for an Easter Sunday hike with Violaine.

The ascent from Barr to the top of Mont Ste.-Odile is about 800 meters and in all 18 kilometers. At the mid-way point there are the ruins of the Landsberg chateau. It’s a lovely hike.

Since we didn’t have a huge choice of trains back to Strasbourg, we weren’t able to meander as much as we would have liked to but instead chose the most direct (and steep) path up. The forest went from having just a light dusting of snow to centimeters deep snow with parts of the trail covered in ice (caused by other hikers or frozen streams) about 3/4 of the way up. The terrain was rough in the snowy parts; we had a few close calls. Violaine was the unlucky one and took a hard fall after a misstep on an icy patch. Because of our time constraint, we missed out on the Pagan Wall and a few other points of interest. I’ve had the chance walk along the wall, but in summer. It must be enchanting in a winter setting.

The weather forecast wasn’t very promising when I had a look the night before – clouds with a chance of rain – but I held out for blue skies (I put my faith in a weather report about as much as my horoscope). The sun did come out for a bit. We even had to remove a few layers – before putting them back on an hour later once the wind started blowing and the clouds came…and a few flurries.

It was a perfect Easter-day hike, even if I did have a sore bum the next day. I can’t wait for my next outing. Note to self: run stairs and more lunges.

hiking, Mont Sainte Odile

Me + Violaine playing in the bathroom (to the dismay of other toilet-goers)


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