2013 season opener: Dambach-la-Ville to Scherwiller

I guess you could call Saturday’s outing the kickoff of for my 2013 – Walks in the Vosges.

A friend and I took the early train from Strasbourg about an hour south to Dambach-la-Ville. Dambach is a charming town tucked into the foothills of the Vosges. Rising behind the medieval  town is a network of vineyards and the Bernstein castle ruins. The weather was beautiful and despite the forecast for showers (at least while we were on the hike) there were only blue skies.

This walk isn’t very long or even challenging (400 m elevation gain and 11 km). The only part that gets your heart rate going hard is the climb to Bernstein. After that we had mostly flat terrain through the forest over to the Ortenbourg castle ruins where the trees opened up with a view of the plains to the east and a narrow valley to the south. We finally made our way down to the town of Scherwiller where we discovered the Winstub de l’Ortenbourg.

I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks – it’s always exciting to watch the forest come alive after the cold winter.

Bernstein, Vosges, hiking





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  1. Sallie Mcquiston said:

    What an adventure! The scenery was so very beautiful. I love you! Sallie

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