tent maintance

This morning I went over to the home of Jonathan’s parents to set up my tent. My tent is a few years old and has seen a bit of use – I wanted to be sure that the seams were in good condition and the poles were okay. Jonathan set his up – though he’s got a new tent and doesn’t have to worry about resealing the seams.

At Le Vieux Campeur I bought some silicone sealant for the tent’s seams. It was pretty easy to use. After setting up the tent it was just a matter of painting the silicone on the seams. It looked and smelled like rubber cement that you use for crafts in school – hopefully it’s more efficacious! The sealant has to set up for about 6 hours before the tent can be taken down.

I guess I won’t know the if it works until we’re on the HRP and the rain comes.


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